Financial Services System


The financial service application for the international township of Auroville is used by thousands of people on a daily basis.  There are thousands of accounts and transactions between accounts.  Everything is processed and exported to be compatible with the standard Indian accounting system.

The Problem

The earlier version of the financial service application was programmed in Borland Delphi and had limited network functionality.  A high speed LAN was required to access data on the server.  The financial service wished to open an additional branch and was unable to do so due to the lower DSL bandwidth making access unreliable.

The Solution

Cynergy developed a PHP web application which encapsulated the core functionality required by system operators and allowed low bandwidth access through dial-up and DSL.  A central apache server handles all traffic to a local database server.  Cynergy also developed a public front end which interfaces with the core financial database allowing account holders to check their statements and make transfers between accounts within the system.